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UCSF Work Groups spend fiscal year 13-14 to develop UCSF's Sustainability Action Plan

Cover UCSF's Sustainability Action Plan was developed over fiscal year 13-14 by all nine work groups to ensure that thoughtful considerations were made in the selection of tactics for the upcoming year. We decided it was worth spending the year learning to use the tools, brainstorming, prioritizing, selecting, and performing the cost benefit analyses to ensure the most worthwhile tactics were selected. The resulting top one or two tactics were put forth for funding requests.

Note that energy and water conserving project funding already identified and either through the PG&E Strategic Energy Partnership, bond funding, or utility budget expenses were not considered for SAP funding requests. Tactics that were not previously identified through this process that would fit into any of these funding models, were then moved off the SAP funding requests list and added to the other funding mechanisms.

Please see the UCSF's Sustainability Action Plan here

The Office of Sustainability recognizes the work group co-chairs and members for working through this process throughout the year to provide thoughtful and impactful results.