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Voluntary Fume Hood Shutdown Initiative

There is an opportunity for your lab to take climate action during COVID-19. The Office of Sustainability, Facilities Services, and the Office of Environment, Health, and Safety are working together to save energy during the 50% occupancy mandate. We are seeking our community’s help in identifying underutilized fume hoods that can be decommissioned through July 1, 2021. 


  • Each chemical fume hood is circulating air 24/7 and uses as much energy as 3.5 homes
  • Shutting down 50% of fume hoods over 6 months saves $266k in energy costs
  • Help UCSF protect research and education
  • Save energy and reduce carbon emissions

How to sign up

  • Consolidate fume hood usage with your neighbors and/or identify fume hood(s) that can be decommissioned until lab returns to 100% occupancy. See below for eligible locations
  • Ensure all chemicals have been removed from the fume hood(s) prior to shutoff
  • To initiate shutoff, email your Building, Room #, Fume Hood certification tag # to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • We will coordinate with EH&S and Facilities Services to provide confirmation that your fume hood air has been turned off
  • Once turned off, Office of Sustainability will post signage redirecting users to other fume hoods

How to restore fume hood

  • Request the restoration of your fume hood’s operation at any time by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • We will immediately notify Facilities Services to restore your fume hood’s air flow and EH&S to re-certify your fume hood
  • The restoration process will take ≤2 days


  • All participating labs will receive recognition in our newsletter, website, and other campus communications
  • The first 10 lab representatives to sign up will receive a gift of your choice: a UCSF-branded travel mug, a sustainable notebook, or a titanium spork
  • Two participating labs will be randomly chosen to win a free happy hour event once physical distancing mandates are lifted. To qualify for happy hour, lab must sign up by 1/8/2021 and keep the fume hood off through July 1, 2021 (or date when occupancy returns to 100%)

Eligible Research Buildings
Facilities Services identified the following fume hood locations as suitable for shutdown:
Genentech Hall - select areas
Byers Hall
Cardiovascular Research Building (CVRB)
Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Building (Mission Bay)
Diller Cancer Research Building (Mount Zion) - select areas
Stem Cell Research Building - IRM
Health Sciences East/West - select areas

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Thank you for taking advantage of this important opportunity to save energy, reduce air pollution, and protect public health!