UCSF Sustainability Stories

Spotlight on Sustainability:  UCSF Staff Sustainability Award Winner: Steve Dalton

Steve Dalton photo
Over two years ago, Steve Dalton, an accounts payable staff person in Ob., Gyn. & R.S., approached his supervisor with a variety of ideas on how to reduce the unit’s use of paper, toner and other products.  Under Dalton’s direction, the unit slowly began to implement changes.  By Summer 2010, the unit reduced copying charges from over $1000 a month to $200 and toner purchases from $750 a year to less than $3 a year. 

Then in January 2010, the MyExpen$e reimbursement program was piloted, providing the ability to send electronic receipts and financial reports in PDF format via email.  The unit realized that using PDF technology and setting up server archiving systems they could go almost entirely paperless.

Last year Dalton initiated and led the staff to implement new paperless systems, including a a fully operational paperless Accounts Receivable system.  The implementation was a collective effort of the entire business team, which included Loreen Hanak, Lynn Velloza, Jane Wong, Tammy Shelly, Mary de la Roca, John Rosin and Siobhan Hayes.

After only a month, the unit was close to 95 percent paper free. In addition, the electronic documentation and archiving has resulted in better record keeping and flow of documents.  This system is a model for other business units and one that strongly compliments the new electronic accounting systems, such as P2P and MyExpen$e. 

For these reasons, Dalton was awarded the 2011 Annual Sustainability Award in the staff category at the recent LivingGreen Fair. 

Photo by Susan Merrell
Story by Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact