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Conservation is Contagious:  New UCSF Campaign Cuts Energy and Saves $800,000

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You might not realize that behind the scenes, UCSF is working hard to cut its energy use with such tactics as lighting retrofits and boiler replacements.

But in addition to facility retrofits, to reach its carbon reduction goals, UCSF must engage everyone on campus to do their part. To educate and engage faculty, staff and students, UCSF has launched “Conservation is Contagious” – an energy conservation campaign.

Did you realize you are the cornerstone of this campaign?

Take the Personal Pledge

BoardIn addition to traditional print and face-to-face communication efforts, the campaign includes a personal pledge form where you can make a personal pledge to change behavior and take action to reduce energy use in five areas: energy conservation, labs, waste minimization, water and transportation.

PostersThe pilot program, held in three UCSF buildings (Rutter Center, Mission Center and Health Sciences), was a great success, exceeding its goal of reducing energy use by 5 percent.  Over the first eight months of FY 2009-10, it resulted in overall energy savings of 6.13 percent.  More than 250 people made a total of 3,564 action-oriented conservation pledges, ranging from turning off lights at the end of each day to shutting down computers to reducing waste and water use.

The campaign incorporated a holistic and comprehensive approach that went beyond energy conservation. 

Simple actions can make a big impact!

Winifred Kwofie, associate director, Strategic Facilities Management, explained, “Since July 2009, UCSF’s Facilities Management Department has been tracking energy use in 12 buildings. To date, we have reduced overall energy use by more than 6 percent and saved $800,000 from energy retrofits, facility engineer improvements and behavior changes by occupants.”

Take Action

Click here to make a pledge and be part of the solution.

The campaign leverages social networking tools to keep the UCSF community informed and engaged. To stay in touch, follow UCSFgreen  on Twitter or join the UCSFgreen Facebook community.

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Final Report
for UCSF 2009/2010 Conservation is Contagious Pilot Campaign

Story:  Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact