UCSF Sustainability Stories

Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, April 2014

UCSF Wins Healthy Hospital Award from Stryker Sustainability Solutions


UCSF Medical Center was in the top percent of Stryker Sustainability Solutions customers awarded a Gold Healthy Hospitals Award last month.  The medical center won the award for its waste reduction efforts and sustainable healthcare practices in 2013.  Last year, by purchasing remanufactured supplies, the Moffitt Long Campus saved an estimated $603,217 and across the board UCSF saved an estimated $717,309, diverting nearly 14,000 pounds of waste from the landfill. This success qualified UCSF for the Healthy Hospital Award.

Stryker, a leading global OM (Original Manufacturer), offers reprocessing and remanufacturing programs to help meet the demands of its hospital partners.  The Stryker ‘Healthy Hospital’ designation is reserved for select hospitals that demonstrate exceptional commitment to healthcare sustainability and quality through the employment of medical device remanufacturing and reprocessing programs.  Less than 1 percent of hospitals get this award (196 awards were given in 2013). Congratulations to all who helped achieve this outstanding accomplishment!

Follow the Scalpel

In UCSF operating rooms, single use devices can be placed within a Stryker Bin.  According to Casey Siegwarth of Stryker Sustainability Solutions, 95% of the items collected can’t be reprocessed.  However, they are recycled, taking on a new life, such as airplane parts and other metal construction items.  The other 5% of items are taken apart, sterilized, remanufactured and resold at over a 50% discount compared to original manufacture.  The program is good for UCSF’s pocket book and delivers environmental benefits through diversion of waste and reuse.

In 2013, UCSF collected 1,500 pounds more waste than in 2012, saving $84,449 more than in 2012.  UCSF’s success reflects the medical center’s commitment to sustainability and employee engagement, engaging doctors, nurses and staff to understand the program and to participate in it.  As an added bonus, UCSF’s saves the fees of sending the items to the landfill, which for 2013 was estimated to be $4,620.