UCSF Sustainability Stories

Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, September 2013

UCSF Academic Senate Approves Sustainability Activity Guidelines


As a campus, UCSF is committed to LivingGreen.  Campus efforts to reduce waste, minimize its carbon footprint, be more efficient and conserve limited natural and economic resources are a part of UCSF’s mission to advance health worldwideâ„¢.  With the approval of Academic Senate Guidelines for Documenting Sustainability Activities Associated with Faculty Merits and Promotions, UCSF has made major strides in formalizing a process to recognize and reward faculty pursuits to protect the environment and support sustainable practices.

The new guidelines specify activities in four major categories that may be used in preparing merit and promotion packets:

1.  Service on department/unit, school, campus or system-wide sustainability committees or task forces;

2.  Efforts at leading and/or contributing substantially to operational changes that promote sustainable work site practices;

3.  Active engagement in university and public educational efforts focused on sustainability and environmental health issues.

4.  Research related to environmental health and/or related to reducing the economic or environmental footprint of healthcare (in general or in one’s own discipline).

Refer to the specific Guidelines for details.