UCSF Sustainability Stories

Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, August 2013

Campus Trader is Launched at UCSF

ScreenshotUCSF has launched a new, novel program, Campus Trader, which created a network for UCSF Fitness & Recreation members who have stuff they want to trade, barter or sell.  It is so easy to use that you will find it absolutely irresistible.

Need a new digital recorder?  Why buy a new one when someone within the UCSF family is willing to sell a used one, or perhaps even barter or trade for it on Campus Trader. 

UCSF Joins a Growing Trend

You might have heard about on-line barter, crowdsource and on-demand service sharing services like Yerdle, Lyft or TaskRabbit. These sites are part of a growing trend, know as collaborative consumption, where goods and services are shared, netting environmental benefits such as reduced driving, reuse of goods and less waste.

How it Works

If sharing between strangers is too much of a stretch, Campus Trader might be the solution.  It provides a sharing economy among the UCSF community; it is for the exclusive use of UCSF students, faculty, staff, and individuals who have a registered UCSF e-mail address.  Once you are registered, you can browse for items you need. 

Save money, save the planet and have fun in the process.  If you have an item you want to trade, barter or sell, simply upload an image, provide a description and approximate dollar value and you are off and running.  Once you get an offer, you can accept or reject it. When you both agree, complete the transaction outside of the Campus Trader site
Walk away thrilled!

Get Started Today

Opening an account is easy and free.  Campus Trader provides you with an anonymous Trade Mail account using your log-in name. Your actual name and E-mail won’t be revealed until you want it to.

See what’s out there and add your own items. Get started now.