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Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, June 2013

Congratulations to UCSF’s 2013 Sustainability Award Winners & Highlights from LivingGreen 2013 Fair

May was a busy month for the UCSF LivingGreen program.  At a May 2nd ceremony, UCSF’s Senior Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration John Plotts presented the third Annual Sustainability Awards to seven winners, as well as awarded the following certifications:

*  Four LivingGreen Event certifications
*  Three LivingGreen Lab certifications and
*  11 LivingGreen Office certifications

Our hearty congratulations to all of this year’s Sustainability Award winners and certified LivingGreen offices, labs and events.  Thank you for your initiative and passion for making UCSF a more sustainable place to learn and work.

2013 Sustainability Award Winners

GroupFaculty:  Dr. Susan Ryan, Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care, was recognized for educating others about their environmental and global impact and reducing waste in operating rooms.

Faculty:  Dr. Tracey Woodruff, Associate Professor and Director of UCSF’s Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment (PRHE), was recognized for her research on the effects of environmental chemicals on early human development and for her work on educating others on how to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals.

Staff:  Adele Dow, Facility Manager, Helen Diller Family Cancer Research Building and Mount Zion Cancer Research Building, was recognized for her longtime efforts to educate her peers about sustainable practices, including recycling and composting.

Staff:  Jack Henderson, Associate Director of Nutrition and Food Services (NFS), UCSF Medical Center, was recognized for his efforts to promote sustainable food procurement and zero waste within UC and nationally.

Student:  Rebekah McLaughlin, PhD, Bioengineering, was recognized for her work to improve sustainability practices and educate others about waste reduction at student activities and events.

Group2Team:  Remedy at UCSF, a student-run organization dedicated to recovering unused medical supplies and medicines, was recognized for its efforts to donate 26,000 pounds of medical supplies to 70 countries.

Team:  Department of Pathology
was recognized for its focus on increasing efficiency, reducing waste and cutting costs.  The department successfully established a recycling and composting system and encouraged a culture shift toward sustainability.

2013 LivingGreen Event Certifications

Four events were awarded certifications for their efforts to host an event with a minimal environmental footprint.  Each event completed a relatively simple LivingGreen Event certification checklist designed to help organizers improve their level of green practices.  Specific points were earned for implementing key best practices, including minimizing waste, serving sustainable food and reducing energy use. 

*  Mission Bay Conference Center, Gold Certified
*  Parnassus Farmer’s Market, Gold Certified
*  Mission Bay Block Party, Gold Certified
*  LGBTQ Health Forum, Silver Certified

Mission Bay Conference Center earned special recognition for encouraging all their event clients to embrace green event practices.

2013 LivingGreen Office and Lab CertificationsLivingGreen Fair

The following offices and labs were awarded certifications for their efforts to green their work areas:

*  Office of Vice Dean of Medical Education C 254, Gold Certified
*  Association of the Clinical Faculty CL 504, Gold Certified
*  UCSF Faculty Medical Group, Gold Certified
*  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery C 522, Gold Certified
*  School of Medicine, Dean’s Office, Information Services Unit, Gold Certified
*  Academic Affairs, S 211, Gold Certified
*  Arts & Events, Administration and Communications Hub, Gold Certified
*  Office of Vice Chancellor, Campus Life Services, Gold Certified
*  Pathways to Discovery C 124, Gold Certified
*  Office of Graduate Medical Education MU 250 East, Gold Certified
*  HR Specialty Center LH 305, Silver Certified
*  And many others are pending!

2013 LivingGreen Fair
BikeOver 1,500 faculty, staff and students enjoyed the 2013 LivingGreen Fair, which showcased sustainability efforts around the UCSF campus and provided information on how to help fulfill our goal of “a healthy environment, sustainable future”.  This year the Fair’s focus was on integrating greener behaviors into our personal lives and community.  Over 70 vendors from Sierra Club to Rainbow Grocery to car share programs provided information on their products and programs.  Pictured to the left is Edmund Swanson, a programmer in the IT PMO, a triathlete and coach, getting exercise and nutrition at the same time by riding a bike while blending a healthy berry shake.

RochelleRochelle Kirkpatrick Garrett, senior Parking & Traffic officer (pictured below), said she got a real work out blending her shake at the Living Well booth.  At another booth, Paul Day, communications director, and Tina Novero, program coordinator for Diversity and Outreach (pictured below), sold fabric Ipad cases made by women in Guatemala through the Women’s Empowerment Project.
Paul Day

The first recycled/reclaimed art show was well received!  Artist Isael Isaac Pizano-Zamora (pictured below), a record room assistant at the Buchanan Dental Clinic and an artist, said he used creativity to make “Recyclable Girlfriend,” a completely re-purposed art piece made of Styrofoam, bottle caps and dental items.

Art Isael



Story by Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact