UCSF Sustainability Stories

Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact, October 2012

Oct. 24th is Campus Sustainability Day:  Preparing Students for a Changing Climate

sustainability day
10th Annual Campus Sustainability Day | Wednesday October 24th, 2012

Join UCSF in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Campus Sustainability Day - a national day of action and reflection on the success of the sustainability movement in higher education.  Together, colleges and universities, and the people and organizations that support them are moving new programs and initiatives in education forward in order to create the leaders of a sustainable future.

Campus Sustainability Day is a day of focus - on what has been accomplished and what is needed to maintain momentum. Emphasis in 2012 is on connecting to new groups and allies on campus, highlighting student stories, connecting diverse planning efforts and reaching out to external partners who can help you move toward success.  It is devoted to the achievements of - and challenges for - the students, faculty, and staff who are integrating sustainability principles and practices into their institutions and surrounding communities.

Opportunities to Get Involved

1.  Register to watch the keynote broadcast live on Wednesday, October 24th, 11am - 12:30pm to hear national leaders in sustainability education discuss the solutions and challenges to preparing students to meet the needs of a changing economy, society, and planet. Unable to make this live broadcast?  A recording of the broadcast will be made available shortly after the event.  Please register if you would like to receive information about the recording or live broadcast.

2.  Organize your own campus conversation (or tune in to the West Coast regional conversation) to bring your ideas to the table.  Nominate a student leader from your conversation to take notes, and Second Nature will work with students from across the country to compile a guiding document of the most important steps colleges and universities can take to prepare the next generation of leadership to create a just and sustainable society.

3. Visit the LivingGreen table at the Moffitt Cafeteria’s World Food Day/Campus Sustainability Day to find out what more you can do to support Sustainability.  They will be taking pledges, signing up office and labs for the “LivingGreen Lab” or “LivingGreen Office” certification, giving away reminder stickers, and a prize wheel for free water bottles!