UCSF Sustainability Stories

Deborah Fleischer, Green Impact

Spotlight on UCSF LivingGreen Champions:  Kristen Fitzhenry

This series is part of our effort to recognize the hard work of UCSF staff and students in our journey to sustainability.  Thank you for your efforts!  This piece focuses on Kristen Fitzhenry, an analyst with the School of Medicine (SOM) Dean’s office.

Kristen founded the Medical Education Team Green in 2009, a grassroots committee of staff who are committed to sustainability in medical education. The members come from across the wide continuum of medical education—medical student to resident to continuing medical education staff. The team has about 10 members across seven distinct units.

She consistently engages the team and others in Office of Medical Education (OME) about sustainability issues and practices.  The team has done a number of projects including:

• Posting regular “Green Tip” ideas to the medical education blog;
• Encouraging low waste food options at meetings;
• Posting signage at printers to print double sided, recycle and to use higher percent recycled fiber in printer paper;
• Encouraging composting in Dean’s office kitchen; and
• Exploring best options for teleconferencing (web, video and/or phone) so staff can communicate more efficiently without commuting.

Kristen has provided initiative, leadership and energy to this extraordinary group of staff who are passionate and committed to making UCSF a greener place to work.