UCSF Sustainability Stories

Spotlight on UCSF LivingGreen Champions:  Bruce Adams

AdamsThis series is part of our effort to recognize the hard work of UCSF staff and students in our journey to sustainability.  Thank you for your efforts!  This piece focuses on Bruce Adams, associate specialist at the UCSF Diabetes Center

Adams was an active member of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) from FY 2009-2010 to FY 2010-2011.  As the only bench researcher on the committee, he offered an unique perspective.  He has taken a leadership role on implementing the Diabetes Center’s commitment to sustainability, identifying a number of areas where it could make immediate and meaningful changes. 

“Adams was very proactive and hands on in getting new recycling bins for every location that needed them.  He worked on getting appropriate signage, he held brown bag lunches for the staff and in general made sure that we made it easy for our employees to recycle,” shared Susanne Hildebrand-Zanki, UCSF Associate Vice Chancellor for Research.

She added, “He is committed to sustainability and willing to take action.”  Bruce’s initiative has resulted in many positive changes at the Diabetes Center.

When asked what actions he would like to see fellow UCSF staff to take, he responded, “I really appreciate when I see people take any action, small or large, towards making a difference regarding sustainability. Unfortunately, bench science generates a lot of waste, but people can do a lot to reduce the negative impact of their research - reuse things more, make the effort to recycle as much of your materials as possible, turn off equipment and lights not in use. Do the things you would do in your own home to save money and to think about your children’s future.”

He also would like to see PIs take sustainability efforts more seriously - the next generation tends to mimic their mentors. “I think that the moment that we think our bench work is more important than the environment we all work or live in, we have taken a step backward,” stressed Adams.