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UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative and Global Food Fellows

UC, a national leader in sustainability, has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2025, becoming the first major university to commit to this goal.

In 2013, UC President Napolitano created the Global Climate Leadership Council to advise her on how to achieve the Carbon Neutrality goal for the UC System.  The Council is comprised of scientists, administrators, students and experts from inside and outside UC and will engage the entire university community in its effort to seek out the best practices, policies and technology to achieve carbon neutrality and to advance teaching and research in climate change and sustainability.

Responding to recommendations by the Council, the Carbon Neutrality Initiative and the Global Food Initiative were created.  The Carbon Neutrality Initiative(CNI) Fellowships and Global Food Initiative (GFI) Fellowships  were created to fund research projects across the University of California’s ten campuses and two laboratories. 

New 2016-2017 CNI and GFI fellows just announced!

CNI:  Hugo Aguilar and Yaser Khoshal -  Expanding on the success of Earthealth1, a ten-week lunchtime elective for credit, outreach and engagement of the UCSF student community and through student news outlets;  See syllabus.
CNI:  Brittany Zhang and Daniel Ta - A ten week elective consisting of a series of lunchtime lectures with guest speakers, sharing UCSF sustainability accomplishments at UCSF hosted conferences. 
CNI:  Jason Lang - Identifying opportunities for energy and waste reduction in the Operating rooms at Parnassus
GFI:  Rashon Lane - Exploring How Socio-Structural Factors Impact Food Insecurity Among HIV+ African American and Latina Women in the Management of Chronic Diseases

Thanks to all the the applicants for this years fellowships.



CNI:  Alex Schrobenhauser-Clonan, MS4, Student Outreach and Engagement Fellow, EARTHEALTH1:  Earth and Health Are One
CNI:  Nicole Jackman, MD, Reduction of Fresh Gas Flows in Anesthesia
Poster:  Economic and Environmental Impact of Optimizing Fresh Gas Flow Use with Inhaled Anesthetics
GFI:  Mathew Spinelli, MD, Impact of Food Insecurity on HIV Tx
Poster: Food Insecurity is Associated with Worse HIV Clinical Outcomes Among Women in the United States
GFI:  J. Daniel Kelly, Postdoc, Food Insecurity, Poor Nutrition and Other Risk Factors of Ebola-Infected Patients
Poster: Anatomy of an Asymptomatic Ebola ‘Hotspot’
GFI:  Mike Reid, MD, Diabeltes, Diet, And Microbial Translocation in HIV infected women
Poster: Association of Markers of Gut Microbial Translocation and Inflammation with Insulin Resistance in HIV-infected Persons
Faculty Champion:  Arianne Teherani, PhD, Incorporating climate change and health into curriculum, May Workshop and December Workshop


CNI: Nicole Jackman, MD, UCSF Resident, Dr. Nicole Jackman Presents at Climate Neutrality Conference
GFI:  Jacob Mirsky, MD, Student Fellowship Provides Sustainable Food Solutions
GFI:  Jonathan Schor, MS1, Can Your Cell Phone Help You Eat Better?